Welcome to Urf

Dungeons and Dragons v. 3.5

This campaign officially welcomes and encourages brand new players to join. Do not be discouraged if you have no experience, the GM is willing to help you learn!.

Greetings traveller, and welcome to Urf; a cheesy fantasy analogue designed to introduce you to the world of Tabletop RPGs. There’s Elves! There’s Dwarves! There’s dragons! There’s dungeons! Fencing, fighting, chases, escapes… that sort of thing.

Urf; a world of silly things taken very seriously…

…well, mostly seriously…

This is a Friday at 6pm game

I can’t think of any other information to give you guys…

Love, Bill

This campaign is sponsored by the Tabletop Gaming Club at the University of Texas at Dallas. Membership is restricted to members of the club and students at the campus.

Welcome to Urf